Ways to Help

There are many ways to help Farmers Ending Hunger.


Adopt-an-Acre was created to get fresh food from the field to the mouths of the people who need it. Cash contributions from the urban community in support of this effort are used to cover the remaining costs associated with product sorting, canning and freezing to extend the life of fresh produce, processing wheat to make pancake mix, storing the food and delivering it to Oregon Food Bank.

Adopt an Acre or Donate Now

Direct Funds Donation

Farmers Ending Hunger accepts dollar donations in any amount. All funds are applied directly to the processes and efforts to get food to those in need. Donate now and make a secure, direct financial contribution to Farmers Ending Hunger

Send contributions by mail to:
Farmers Ending Hunger
 Post Office Box 7361 
Salem, OR 97303

Organize a Fundraising Event

Use your gift for organizing fundraisers and rallying folks around a cause to help Farmers Ending Hunger. We’ll suggest events you might enjoy hosting and share tips for success, but don’t be limited by these options. We welcome and will support new ideas for fundraising look forward to learning more about your plans.

Become a Volunteer

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our volunteers! They provide all kinds of support, from educating others about our mission and recruiting sponsors, to delivering food, organizing fundraisers, and helping wherever they are needed. Contact us if you’d like to volunteer your time to ending hunger in Oregon.

Gifts and Legacies

If you want to leave a legacy behind with planned giving, we can create a plan to fulfill your wishes.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts: Honor a loved one by donating a gift in celebration of a holiday, birthday or special occasion. A gift in memory of a departed loved one is another way to donate that changes lives.

Gifts By Will: A bequest is one way to offer ongoing support. You retain full use of your gift property during your life, reserve lifetime income for a family member or choose from a number of other options.

Become a Partner

Farmers and Ranchers:

Growers can donate a portion of their farm production for distribution to the emergency food network at no cost to Farmers Ending Hunger. Funds donated to Farmers Ending Hunger go toward processing raw ingredients into shelf-stable food products like soup mix.

Farmers can help by dedicating a portion of farmland to growing useful crops including wheat, peas, potatoes and onions. Food commodities can also be donated. Contact Farmers Ending Hunger for more information about donating some of your harvest.


Donated raw food crops must be processed into easily-stored and prepared food items. Farmers Ending Hunger raises funds to cover the cost of transporting locally grown crops to processors who prepare and package them into food products like soup and pancake mix for Oregon Food Bank. Some of these services are donated by local food processors. Without their help, most donated raw food crops would never make it to the tables of hungry Oregonians.

Contact us for additional information, tax donation forms and fact sheets.